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What Midwives Say about Active Birth/Yoga Birth

You can often tell within a short period of time when women have been practising yoga. They display an inner calmness, an acceptance of the process. They are working with their body & their baby. For me it’s an easy job to support these women as they require so little but positive intention, and the satisfaction afterward when they hold their newborn and recognise they did it themselves. Magic. Anna Nella, Midwife

Yoga is more than just the physical of getting women to use their bodies to open for birth. The practise engenders calm and going into and developing awareness of their own being…They are more likely to cope with labour and have normal births because they trust the birth process and more than ever trust themselves and their ability to go with the flow. Christine Grabowska, Midwife

I usually ask women if they have attended any yoga classes. If they say yes I internally do a little sigh of relief. This is because I know this woman knows how to breathe. During transition or any particularly painful or stressful part of labour, I’ll suggest that she breathe the way she learned at yoga. I have seen women so consumed with concentrating on their breathing and I am amazed how they can be so in control. The pain is no less, but they are able to use their minds and their bodies to cope. Sarah Brown, Midwife

There are few times in life when we are able to just be. Preparing for birth with yoga allows some women to find this place at a very challenging and powerful time of their lives. Anna Hinchcliffe, Midwife

Mothers From My Classes

They say nothing can prepare you for childbirth, but Jill’s yoga gave me the best foundation I could have hoped for. All through the contractions I just kept repeating to myself, ‘This is completely natural and safe for me and my baby.’

The yoga class was absolutely amazing…allowing me to focus on my body, and giving me introspective time to prepare for birth. Gabrielle

Once again I found the breathing and focusing tools that you gave me from the classes an absolute saviour. I actually ENJOYED the labour, as strange as that sounds. Through the breathing I was able to feel in control of the surges and enjoy the moments in between. It was a bit like taking a very long and arduous mountain hike but I could stop and take in the scenery. Claire

Using the relaxation techniques of breathing with a relaxed mouth – and using different positions I learnt in class, I managed to get to hospital already 7 cm dilated. When it then came to pushing I used the fist mouth breathing and managed to deliver without a need for any stitches (just a graze). I was amazed to manage this with only gas and air as well. I really believe this would never have been possible without the fantastic advice I picked up in your classes. I was very thankful for the birth experience of my baby boy. When there is so much to get used to now I feel grateful for the good start we have had together through yoga and birth. Lauren

I managed to do it naturally and was almost about to have an epidural but kept going using my breathing rhythms and sounds, softening my lips and shoulders, and gas and air. It was extremely tough and hard going but the things that we, as women can do in those moments… It’s totally unbelievable and at the end of it all I felt euphoric. Luci

I hardly used gas and air- noise was my drug! I was so noisy. It was so unlike my character, but it really helped to moan through each contraction and through birth … I lost all care for anything and just did my thing. Totally empowered by attending your yoga class, and having given myself permission to react to the birth however I did! Jacqui

During my contractions I was on all fours like we did through yoga, and it relieved SO SO much of the pain… I felt as if the pressure was off me and it must have helped me to dilate. Pearl

All the breathing came into practice and it felt so empowering. It was the total opposite to my first delivery. Thank you for all your words of motivation in classes and giving me the confidence to take control. Natalie

Thank you for the lovely yoga sessions which helped me to feel much calmer about the birth and also empowered to go down the route I wanted to. Laura

Thank you very much for all the guidance and amazing advice at yoga, which helped me feel prepared and excited for labour itself. Madeleine

The yoga prep made a HUGE difference to the birth – my waters broke on Thursday night but no contractions so I was put on syntocinon on Saturday. It went very, very slow until the last 30 mins when I dilated from 3cm to 9cm – despite the doctor telling me I was not having real contractions!! So the only pain relief I had was related to the breathing that you taught us – I must have envisaged about 3 million gold ribbons. Claire

Jill’s yoga was “my time” – escape from the hectic world, my work life and any worries. I always walked away feeling revitalised and mindful about the journey into motherhood. It was extremely positive, for my body, baby and my mind. Thank you. Eleanor

Your class definitely was the secret to my success with my VBAC – keeping on moving through my labour definitely helped get my baby girl out in a speedy way! Thanks so much for all you taught me! My mantra was “birth to the earth.” Emma

Jill possesses that uniquely amazing ability to make you feel empowered yet utterly nurtured at the same time. We used her services as a doula and pre and postnatal yoga instructor over the course of two pregnancies and found her wonderful in every way, both with us and baby after he was born. Jill’s knowledge and true belief in the wonder of pregnancy and birth shines through in every session and you can’t help but absorb and embrace some of that positivity.

The classes during pregnancy were invaluable as resting places during the week – as I had a toddler at home, they were often the only time I really focused on the unborn baby, and got to do some simple stretches to realign my body from all the strains of childcare, commute and work. I also really valued the companionship with other pregnant women, and the atmosphere of honesty that you created: a space to vent, be reassured, and take some positive perspective into the next busy week. Katharina

The weekly “birth meditations” we did in at yoga – Jill talked us through what a contraction would be like, and how we could breathe and move through it – and maybe most importantly how to enjoy the break between them.
When I went into labour, even though I had been waiting for ages to, I had a short moment of thinking “well, what do I do with these contractions now that they’re here”? As soon as I remembered the birth meditations, I felt a lot more in control, and the breathing and movement meant that, even though I was in labour for a long time, I mostly felt in control and happy to be at the point I was at – I could hear your voice in my head telling me that I was safe, and in the moment, like in class. Katharina

I attended Jill’s classes with all three of my pregnancies. I found the yoga helped me cope with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and the knowledge she provides about labour, birth and beyond was empowering. She truly is one of the best birth educators around – if you can attend her classes you can be sure of a non-judgmental and nurturing environment that can truly help you enjoy this special time. Alisa

There is something magical about Jill’s antenatal yoga class. From the moment you walk in until you leave you really cherish the time you spend in her company, with other pregnant women and with your baby. Every week Jill focuses on different aspects of labour and bringing your child into the world in a very empowering way. Women share their stories and provide advice and support for each other. Jill is very knowledgeable and brought in a variety of props to show us how a baby works with the mother at the time of labour. I particularly found it useful to work on different breathing techniques using different spaces in the room. I was able to completely disconnect from work in the classes and really bond with my baby. Deborah

After a traumatising first delivery I was a bit sceptic about the second one. I joined Jill’s yoga class and felt better informed then I ever thought possible. It made me feel very confident about the abilities of my own body and ended up having the ‘dream scenario’ of having a water birth (unplanned as I was due an epidural) and thank Jill’s class for the confidence of doing this all unaided. I also made lovely friends and think it’s striking to notice the high rate of natural deliveries among the other girls who did yoga with Jill. Sharon

Jill’s prenatal yoga class helped create a space in my mind (and life!) to connect with my baby inside me and to prepare for the birth. With Jill’s guidance and the knowledge I gained from her and the other participants, I had the most calm and beautiful birthing experience. When it came to having my second there was no question I would return! Amy

I took Jill’s yoga class in two of my pregnancies, I feel, it was such a vital part of both the pregnancy and the births. I felt it was some well needed time out for me to just be quiet and tune in with what my body was going through, it gave me a chance to speak to other mums and Jill always has an incredible way of explaining every detail so clearly that one truly feels they know what to expect, which makes the entire experience a lot less daunting. The focus breathing I have to say was what got me through my births, I managed with no pain relief- not at all what I was expecting to do! The most important thing I feel it gave me was a sense of control. I felt I’d done all I could to prepare my body and I felt confident going into his new chapter. I can’t recommend Jill’s yoga highly enough. Enjoy every second. Anne

I started attending Jill’s classes from 3 months and instantly saw the difference as it was 2 hours of ‘me time’ totally focussed on my wellbeing. Jill is so knowledgeable and experienced and was there by text and email giving advice to help you through. In the sessions I took away so many great tips and stretches that helped me cope with the daily aches and pains from working and running after a toddler. In particular I was grateful to Jill for her support leading up to my birth and having a positive experience. Jill continued to check in with me post birth and I know she’s always there willing to provide support. I believe yoga is instrumental during pregnancy as it gets your body physically prepared for birth and Jill’s classes are just that more special given her extensive experience in this field. Dinta

Jill taught us to prepare for our birth, that our bodies are designed for birth and made to look forward to our birth. Pearl

I was really disappointed to only discover Jill’s classes late in my pregnancy. She cares so deeply about the wellbeing and personal story of each woman in the class. Louise

I started doing pregnancy yoga with Jill when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. It was so fulfilling on so many levels. I learnt more from Jill than I did from my whole childbirth education course. If it hasn’t been for Jill and the knowledge she imparted, my daughter would have been born 3 weeks early by induction, but thankfully I felt like I knew my body, my baby and what my rights were and my daughter arrived when she was ready. Danielle

Jill’s antenatal yoga classes we’re the highlight of my week during my pregnancy. It was a chance to relax, have some “me time” and prepare for the birth all at the same time. Jill herself is such a lovely person as well as being a very experienced yoga teacher with the most wonderful soothing voice! I will definitely be coming back with my next pregnancy! Gabriella

Before I started Jill’s pregnancy yoga class, my main emotion toward labour was fear.
During the classes, this emotion gradually changed to anticipation and eventually excitement! I’m really glad I went; it made my pregnancy and birth experience great. Madeleine

Doing yoga classes with Jill totally empowered me to go on to have the kind of birth I actually wanted second time round, being more in control. She helped me really get in touch with my breathing and I learnt amazingly simple techniques to use in labour that worked to manage the contractions. I did hypnobirthing first time round which was so average by comparison. The other brilliant thing about Jill’s classes is that for 30 mins after the yoga, we would all have tea and talk about pregnancy, labour and birth and I learnt more in those sessions than any antenatal classes. Jill, being an experienced doula, has such useful advice and guidance to offer on all these topics. I used to always look forward the classes as I found it a haven to purely focus on relaxing my body and really preparing for a beautiful birth. Lara

Having feared giving birth, my friend said, “Just try Jill’s class, you will have a completely different mindset, her classes are so much more than your everyday pregnancy yoga class,” and so I did. Jill’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of the childbearing years and beyond is invaluable. Her classes surpass any other yoga class experience, on so many levels. It gave me boundless opportunities in exploring and realising what my body can do and the quality of life it brought me. Rena


I found Jill’s weekly yoga sessions calming, grounding and utterly essential to my wellbeing. I was so impressed with Jill’s knowledge and intuitive understanding of childbirth and how to prepare for it that I asked her to be a doula for my daughter’s birth. She helped to make it a wonderful experience. Like every mother to be I was worried a natural birth would be painful and overwhelming. Jill helped me to realise that it could be a beautiful and empowering experience and it was. I will always be grateful to Jill for her support and wise advice.
I also signed up for her postnatal yoga which I found healing and restorative. It was a weekly window of much needed ‘me time’, when I could breathe, let go and know that my baby was in safe hands – Jill’s. Katie Nicholl, journalist, author and broadcaster

Having Jill as a doula was a true gift. She was so calming and comforting, and was right by my side throughout. From turning up at my home at 4am (within 15 mins of me calling her!) to feeding me water and rubbing my back on the journey to hospital, helping me in the shower in labour to just talking soothing words to me and reassuring me while complications of labour ensued (my brain rushing high on gas and air!). I was desperate to have a natural birth after having emergency c-section with my first child and I believe Jill was the one who helped make that possible for me. Her presence even helped my husband to be incredibly supportive through my labour- he felt side-lined during labour with my first child where all decisions seemed to be out of our control. Jill helped us have the natural birth we wanted, with all the little extra important things, like letting the cord pump for a good while before my husband cut it, getting skin to skin time for a long while in the labour room. The birth felt magical, especially compared with our previous experience and a lot of that was down to Jill’s presence. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderfully kind lady! Lara

I was recommended to Jill for antenatal yoga and I quickly realised after starting the classes that she would be the right doula for us. Jill met us quite early on to discuss the pregnancy and the type of birth we were looking for. She was so supportive and had this calming aura about her that is indescribable. We met a further few times to see how I was feeling and to answer any questions I had as well as to go through the birth plan. Once I’d finalised my birth plan I waited for the day to arrive when I would use it. The day I went into labour was all a blur as it happened quite quickly. My husband phoned Jill when he realised that I was in quite established labour and she provided a sounding board for him. Once we got to the hospital I focused on the breathing I’d learnt in the antenatal classes and I remember Jill coming over and putting her hand on my knee and telling me she’d arrived. Although I was in my world of delivering a baby I remember feeling more relaxed and calm knowing that she was there. Once our baby was born she was very supportive and made sure I ate loads to build up my energy levels and blood sugar. She also supported my husband who had a few concerns about the delivery. She very subtly coerced my parents into going for a cup of tea while different bits were happening as she knew my preference to have privacy and skin to skin for as long as possible. She stayed after my parents had gone home and made sure we were happy and had everything we needed. Once home, Jill came and visited us and we’ve still kept in contact as she helped bring our daughter into the world. Deborah

I can’t recommend Jill enough and will 100% use her services for my future pregnancy. Kimberley

You did everything for me that my mother would have done if she could have been here. M.

Postnatal Yoga

I really enjoyed attending the postnatal yoga classes as it was an incentive to get out of the house and to focus on me for a little bit. I had to change my expectations as I soon realised that I may not get a lot of yoga done on certain occasions, but being there with other mums and their babies was lovely. I took hold of the moments where I could do yoga and feel ‘me’ again and do some stretches and poses. At the end of the classes we had tea, biscuits and our lunch. I enjoyed this time as we talked through areas of concern or a topic that interested us. We bounced around ideas and it was a really safe space to share. At the beginning of my daughter’s life this was one activity that we did weekly. Deborah

Jill’s postnatal classes provide a space in which we were nurtured, and reassured, and in which all doubts and questions about new motherhood were made to feel valid and acceptable – again, particularly with a child already at home, it was so valuable to have that space to adjust to having another little being to care for. Like the pregnancy classes, they were relaxing and strength strengthening mentally and physically – I’ve joked to the other mums that each week made us tense and tied us into knots, for Jill to straighten us out on a Tuesday morning. Katharina

Doing postnatal Yoga with Jill was a time in the week that I always looked forward to, spending time in a calm and restorative environment with beautiful music giving my body much needed stretching time! I did Jill’s postnatal yoga after having both my first and second child and both my children also enjoyed the environment and time hanging out with other babies. It was lovely watching them all gurgling, sleeping, watching or playing while we helped engage muscles in our body that needed replenishing! Spending such precious time with other ladies in the same position was so reassuring too, as we all shared stories of milestones, sleep deprivation, feeding, baby tips etc. I was only sad when the babies were too old for the class and we couldn’t go anymore! However, the girls in our class have all stayed friends and we still meet up regularly (18 months later) and have a great WhatsApp group to share stories, tips and support… so I couldn’t be more grateful to Jill! Lara

Doing postnatal yoga with a little baby was something I felt my body really needed and as it was such a baby friendly environment it didn’t feel stressful as it didn’t matter if you spent half the class feeding the baby, it was just being there and doing whatever you could. Jill also gave anybody who wanted an opportunity to come in to talk through their ‘birth story’ both to help the other expectant mums in addition to processing themselves what was going on. I found this a particularly cathartic, healing experience. Leah

I continued doing postnatal yoga and looked forward to the sessions every week. I learnt so much about the early stages of motherhood and made some amazing friends who have become very important in my life. Danielle

I often enter exhausted but always come away feeling nurtured, relaxed and more able to cope with life with a small baby. Jill enables you to really focus on you and your yoga as much as you can, by holding, bouncing and entertaining the babies who need it while she teaches! Louise

I was a little anxious that my baby wouldn’t behave and I’d have no time to do any yoga, however it was such a peaceful and calm environment that he just seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. There were times he had a little grumble but Jill didn’t hesitate to pick up a baby who was crying and they’d soon be calm. It was again a lovely time to chat to Jill and other mums going through the same things and compare notes. It’s even more difficult to get time out for yourself after you have your baby and this was just perfect. Anne

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