MamaYoga ~ Postnatal Yoga

Every time I do one of your classes I feel rejuvenated and whole again. Katie

MamaYoga follows on from the yoga we do during pregnancy, with attention to releasing tension from your shoulders and back, reinforcing good posture, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and, most importantly, relaxing. Gentle yoga is wonderful during the first months after birth, as your body is once again changing, and while you’re putting so much of yourself into caring for your new baby. This is a chance to nourish yourself and renew your energy.

The class is for mothers with young babies- any time from around 1 month old to not yet crawling.  As the babies are so young, they easily sleep or play next to you on mats and blankets. When your baby needs you, you care for him/ her in the class with the rest of us, and when baby settles do as much yoga as you can. The atmosphere is relaxed and respectful of each mother and baby’s rhythm. Every week is different- one week you’ll do a lot of yoga, the next you may spend most of the time just cuddling your baby and breathing with us.

We meet in a cozy yoga studio. The doors open early so you can have time to feed and settle your baby before we begin. After yoga we have tea and time to talk. It’s wonderful and important to have the company of other new mothers during this early time with your baby. You are welcome to bring lunch. I’ll serve tea and the nicest biscuits I can find, as always….

Jill’s postnatal class was truly special. Jill created a warm, comforting environment where I had the chance to truly focus on myself as well as my baby. The small group of women, facing similar highs & lows, quickly became firm friends. I can genuinely say it was the highlight of my week- the calm amongst the crazy! And when I went back having had my second child, I immediately felt that same sense of calm return as soon as I walked through the door. I cannot recommend it enough. Jacqui

I’m so glad I found your classes through a friend – I found them really useful in preparation for birth, but also to “regroup” afterwards, and to find my strength again, physically and mentally. Katharina

Jill’s postnatal yoga was a godsend for an overwhelmed first time mum! Amy


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