Individual Support

I’m so pleased I’ve met you and got to learn and empower myself for this incredible experience. Tali

Very often, people need time to talk through past birth experiences or their current pregnancy with someone who will listen and not judge, and who can offer some clarity or good ideas for moving forward. I am very happy to work individually with you or with your partner, or both together.

We can discuss whatever you wish, including (but not limited to):
• Past experiences of pregnancy/ labour/ birth/ infant care
• How you are feeling about any aspect of this pregnancy and/ or upcoming birth, parenting, feeding your baby
• Specific issues in this pregnancy: your rights, options and decision-making
• Working well with your midwives and doctors
• Creating Birth Wishes
• You and your partner in labour together- how it might be for each of you, how your partner can support you and him/herself, including massage, comfort techniques, emotional support, maintaining energy, using upright positions/ movement/ gravity
• Physiology of labour and labour rhythms, what makes birth easy or difficult, how to create the best environment for a straightforward uncomplicated labour/ birth
• Understanding medical pain relief options and how to use drugs well to minimise complications and have the best experience
• Understanding induction of labour and discussing options
• Understanding caesarean birth and discussing options
• Setting yourself up for a good breastfeeding experience
• What it’s like to be new parents, or the transition to parenting more children
• Debriefing after your birth

These sessions are charged hourly and can be in your home or mine.

I found Jill an invaluable source for advice and encouragement, which really made a difference to my confidence in advocating for my needs and wishes around the birth and pregnancy, and contributed greatly to the positive birth experience I ended up having.

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