Doula ~ Birth Support

Your wonderful, calm presence made such a huge difference to my birthing experience for both myself and my husband.  – Rena

A doula is a companion, to be with you through labour and the birth of your baby. She is experienced around birth, and can discuss all aspects of your preparation and the decisions you might make in labour. She can help to advocate for your wishes but she does not make choices for you, and she never judges you or has any agenda or expectations of you- her support is pure and unconditional. She gives you her attention, her care, her thoughts and ideas for working with labour and birth, and settling with your baby. She helps you find comfortable ways to rest and be active during labour, to breathe, to keep a positive state of mind. She supports you on your own, or supports you and your partner together while also respecting your connection and intimacy. She helps to create an atmosphere around you that feels calm and private. Her presence should make you feel safe, loved and respected.

Doula support for labour and birth begins in pregnancy. A package of care normally includes:
• 2-3 meetings in your home to discuss your thoughts and experiences, options and preferences, creation of Birth Wishes, physiology of labour, birth and breastfeeding, working with labour… anything that you wish
• Phone calls/ emails, as much as you need
• On-call for labour from 38-42 weeks of your pregnancy- available within about 90 minutes of your call
• Support throughout labour and birth, until a few hours after
• A postnatal visit to your home soon after birth, to see how you all are, discuss feeding, baby care, your recovery, and talk through the birth.

I am very happy to arrange an individual care package with you if you prefer. Please feel free to be in touch just to discuss what’s possible and what it’s like to have a doula with you for birth.

Please be in touch