Active Birth

For Active Birth, you need a strong intention, an open mind and a relaxed body.
Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth Movement.

Active Birth just means birth, as it has always been, when women find their rhythm and follow their body’s inherent design, and their own deep instincts. I believe that an Active Birth is any birth (waterbirth, epidural birth, caesarean birth…) when a woman is connected to her body and her baby, and when she is listened to and respected.

I teach Active Birth workshops for small groups, and I work with parents individually. I also teach courses with Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth Centre. You can come with your partner or another person, or on your own.

We work in an interesting and truly enjoyable way. As in yoga, so much about birth is best learned through the body instead of the head, and so we balance information with experiential learning about how your body works and what it’s really like to be in labour, including:
• Physiology- how your body (hormones, uterus, pelvis) and your baby work together
• Sensations- what you feel physically and emotionally- and why
• Rhythms- working with contractions and resting deeply in between
• How the energy of other people and the environment can affect you, negatively or positively
• Maintaining your physical and emotional energy
• What you will actually do in labour: gravity-effective positions, instinctive movements, rhythms and breathing, sound, how different positions affect you and can be used for different situations in labour
• Practical ways for your partner/ companion to nurture you, including massage.

All of this helps you to work with labour comfortably and effectively, and to birth more easily. When you learn with your birth partner, you can feel more confident and excited for your birth experience together.

Active Birth also means being an active participant in decision-making, working with your midwives and doctors to find the best options for yourself and your baby. We discuss the main forms of medical care in labour, plus perspectives on risk, communication and advocacy, so that you can feel able to ask questions, discuss your preferences and make truly informed choices.

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